Sunday, February 10, 2013

Joy Finder

"Joy Finder" is my pendulum, a name given by artist creator. It is cute and it is accurate.
I made this purchase many years ago. Before Joy Finder, I used my Mogen Dovid pendant as my pendulum in decision making for what is "best" and removed it from my neck each time I needed it.

The pendulum is in my Joy's Journey site because learning to use healing tools, and learning to trust myself and my abilities are part of my metaphysical journey as healer.

I keep Joy Finder next to me as I work at my computer.  If I have a question which needs an answer for myself or for others, I can ask my spiritual guidance and look towards the Joy Finder for an answer. Yes, I have studied dowsing. I even go to Dowser meetings. It is a tool in my medicine box. I learned a couple decades ago with Master Ho to use crystals in healing. A friend Karen initially taught me to use pendulum. I have made it my friend. At first I would call AriellaShira and request that she confirm answers with her method using fingers and "muscle testing", and I call that "googling". I ask AriellaShira to "google the answer" for me.

Joy Finder is beautiful. The two crystal stones each have amythest beads as does its chain, and with a green bead also. I have learned to trust myself in my skill but I am still a bit doubtful. Joy Finder has a beautiful purple velvet pouch.  Sometimes I take Joy Finder out with me to use while away from home. Enjoy the photo of Joy Finder.
Master Ho told me that I can't be a healer if I don't trust myself and have confidence in my work.

 © Joy Krauthammer 

Pendulum included this written insert:

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