Monday, February 18, 2013

Adar Arrives, Joy Increases


Listen To The Drum Beat Of Your Heart
Adar Arrives, Joy Increases
by  Joy  Krauthammer

Our Sages say, "Mi'shenechnas Adar Marbim B'Simcha."When Adar arrives, joy increases ." Talmud, Ta'anit 29a.  Adar, the most joyous month, contains Purim, a time of miracles.

To experience joy, just be open to your joy within, and allow more joy to enter your neshamah / soul.  This is easy on Shabbat and at simchasSimcha / joy is a state of being of spirit, mind, heart and action. Joy is being connected to the knowing that G*d is in everything, and that The Compassionate One loves each of us and wants us to receive joy. 
Go into your garden when you awaken, go to the radiant face of a flower, and breathe in G*d's joy, and say with love to the Source of All BlesSings, "Good morning, G*d." See, feel, touch, smell. Shma. Does the flower sing back to you? Do you hear the drum beat of your heart?

Adar is a time for transformation: Mitzrayim to freedom; darkness transformed into light; bitterness into sweetness; sadness into joy.
My 'secret' of blissful, serene, and ecstatic joy is that I maintain a "constant spiritual and moral growth" and connection --'attraction' to my wellspring of Joy. I may pull boulders off from deep wells as I fulfill the purpose of my creation in finding ways of "serving and preserving" in doing mitzvot, and as my chareidi Jerusalem Rebbe Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen, z"l, reminded me, "...even in the midst of life's sorrows and challenges."

During Adar, Reb Shlomo Carlebach, when he named me Tzohara, said, "Joy has a million reasons to cry but you only see her joy".

Approaching life, joy is having emunah / faith and bitachon / trust in G*d. During Adar we have an opportunity to draw down Divine energy into our lives, by doing good deeds that are imbued with joy, as we Serve G*d With Joy...with joyous song / "Ivdu Et HaShem B'Simcha... Psalm 100:2  
drummer JOY 

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